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Ground Source Heat Pump Installers in Oxfordshire

Improve your home with our expert ground source Heat Pump installers in Oxfordshire. 

Rely on our team for installations, repairs, and replacements customised to your needs. Contact us today to discover eco-friendly heating solutions for your Oxfordshire property.

High-Quality Ground Source Heat Pump Installers in Oxfordshire

Our expertise lies in premium installations, repairs, and replacements, personalised to meet your distinctive heating needs.

Our dedicated team guarantees energy-efficient solutions, offering complimentary consultations and assistance with grant applications for an easy transition to eco-friendly heating.

How deep is the ground source heat pump installation?

Ground source heat pump installations typically involve burying pipes at depths ranging from 1.5 to 2 meters. This depth ensures efficient heat exchange with the ground for optimal system performance.

What maintenance is required for a ground source heat pump?

Ground source heat pumps are low-maintenance systems. Regular checks on the ground array and heat pump components are recommended, and occasional inspections by a certified technician ensure long-term reliability.

Can a ground source heat pump work with existing radiators?

Yes, ground source heat pumps can be integrated with existing radiators. However, for optimal efficiency, it’s advisable to ensure that the radiators are appropriately sized to operate at lower temperatures, promoting energy savings.

How does a ground source heat pump contribute to carbon reduction?

Ground source heat pumps operate on electricity, which can be sourced from renewable energy. This significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to traditional heating systems, making them an eco-friendly choice for homeowners.

Ground Source Heat Pump Installers in Oxfordshire
Ground Source Heat Pump Installers in Oxfordshire

Reasons to choose us for your heating pumps

Choose us for expert ground source heat pump installations in Oxfordshire. Our dedicated team ensures precision, efficiency, and personalised solutions for your home’s heating needs. Improve your property’s energy performance with us.

Ready to transition to sustainable heating? Reach out today at 07742 587865 or for professional guidance, accurate installations, and support with grants.

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Simple Transition to Eco-Friendly Heating

Ready to experience simple heating that will save you money?

Discover energy-efficient heating with our tailored solutions. Contact our expert team for seamless installations and experience the warmth of eco-friendly living in your home.

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Heat pumps function by harnessing heat from the air, ground, or water, intensifying it for efficient home heating. This eco-friendly process, with minimal electricity use, offers versatility, and compatibility with different heating systems, and aids in reducing carbon emissions. Experience sustainable comfort and cost savings with the advanced technology of heat pumps.

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Receive a Grant Toward your Heat Pump!

The UK government’s Clean Heat Grant Scheme, initiated in April 2022, helps homes in the UK switch to eco-friendly heating with up to £7500 in grants. This scheme, extended through September 2023, presents a valuable opportunity to make your heating system more sustainable. 

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Questions we get asked

How do ground source heat pumps function?

Air source heat pumps are available in two types: ‘air to air’ and ‘air to water.’ Utilising an air-to-water system, they capture heat from the air for wet heating systems, like radiators or underfloor heating. This mirrors the vapour/compression cycle of a domestic fridge, extracting heat from the air through an evaporator. A refrigerant with a low boiling point absorbs the latent heat energy, transforming it into a gas and undergoing compression to boost heat content. Passing through a heat exchanger, it condenses back into a liquid state, transferring heat to the heating system’s water. The liquid refrigerant then repeats the cycle through the evaporator.

Is a ground source heat pump environmentally friendly?

Certainly, air-source heat pumps leverage a renewable heat source, substantially reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. This sustainable energy approach aids in decreasing households’ carbon footprints, providing an environmentally conscious heating solution.

How can I prepare my home for a heat pump?

To optimise the efficiency of a heat pump, ensure your home is well-insulated to minimise heat loss. Enhance insulation through various methods, including attic, wall, and floor insulation, along with upgrades to windows, doors, and ventilation systems.

Can I install a heat pump in a shed or another structure?

No, indoor installation is unsuitable for an air source heat pump. These pumps require outdoor placement with unobstructed airflow for effective functioning. Learn more about the functioning of an air source heat pump here.

Will my electricity bills increase with a heat pump?

While household electricity consumption will rise with an air-source heat pump, you’ll likely eliminate gas or oil heating bills. Unless you opt for a bivalent heating system, combining the heat pump with a gas or oil-fired boiler as a backup, your overall heating cost should consider increased electricity expenses versus savings in oil or gas bills.

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