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Heat Pump Installation in London

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Expert Heat Pump Installation in London

TF Heating & Plumbing offers precise installation, repair, and replacement services for air-source heat pumps in London. Our knowledgeable team provides free consultations and support with government grant applications to help you switch to eco-friendly heating options.

Our Mission

To help homeowners and landlords in London take steps towards a green future through heat pump installation.

Our Vision

To provide sustainable energy solutions in London and protect the planet for future generations through heat pump installation.

We're Passionate About The Planet - Ask Us For Advice

Help Improve the future for generations

Contact TF Heating & Plumbing today for heat pump installation in London. Our team is ready to assist you with eco-friendly heating solutions.

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We Install & Supply Air-Source Heat Pumps In London

Air-source heat pumps provide efficient heating for your home. TF Heating & Plumbing Ltd offers precise installation of air-source heat pumps in London households.

Our professional team is dedicated to providing the finest and most secure services for air-source heat pumps.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for installation, repair, or replacement services in London.

Air-Air Heat Pump for Heating and hot Water in Front of an Apartment Building
Heat pump Installers In doncaster

How do heat pumps work?

An air-source heat pump captures warm air from outside your London home and converts it into water. The heat is absorbed by a fluid that passes through a heat exchanger, increasing the temperature and turning it into water.

This heats your home through radiators and underfloor heating, and can also be connected to hot water cylinders for taps, showers, and baths.

Why should you go green?

Benefits of having a heat pump

Heat pump installation in London offers numerous benefits for homeowners and landlords. Consider switching to an air-source heat pump for:

the worker installs the outdoor unit of the air conditioner on the wall of the house

Low Carbon Footprint

Significantly reduce your carbon emissions compared to traditional heating methods.

Heat pump Installers In doncaster

Reduced Energy Bills

Use less energy to heat your home by using outside air to generate heat, saving you money.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Ensure your heat pump lasts for decades with simple care.

Receive a Grant Toward your Heat Pump!

The Clean Heat Grant Scheme, run by the government, aims to decarbonise the UK by assisting domestic properties in transitioning to low-carbon heating options such as Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps. Participating households will receive £5000 and the scheme is set to run for 3 years, starting in April 2022.


frequently asked questions

Have questions about heat pump installation in London?

Our FAQ section provides answers to common questions and concerns.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps​

Do You want a cost-effective option?

If you have a spacious garden or outdoor area, installing a Ground-Source Heat Pump may be a more cost-effective option. When thinking about upgrading your home’s heating system, it’s important to explore all available options.

our simple process

With over a decade of experience, we’re able to make our process as easy as possible.


Initial Enquiry

Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment.


Site Survey

We’ll visit your home or property to ensure our advice is completely accurate.


Your Installation

Your heat pump will be installed at a convenient time with minimal disruption.


Ongoing support

After installation, you’ll be heating your home and helping the environment! Ongoing maintenance is available.

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